A downloadable game for Windows

We proudly present the ALPHA of ScrapYard – ByteRockers' Games' latest flagship product!

For the first time in the company's history, we've managed to create a PC game which is – for our team, at least – unlike any other game out there.

ScrapYard is an entirely new gaming concept: an asynchronous multiplayer top-down action-shooter with tactical and stealth elements, it will surely set a new bar.

Join us on this exciting journey to a unique game.


The world is dark. Smoke, contamination, scrap and strange structures, like from a long forgotten time, characterize the landscape of ScrapYard. In between, grotesque-looking figures, half-human, half-machine.

Above all this hangs a gigantic city. In contrast to the rest of the world, it is radiantly bright and tempting with a life beyond this gigantic garbage, which you call your home from today.

As a simple person, you will find yourself between old TVs, packaging and vehicle tires. Everything in the bright city as rubbish and is thrown carelessly over the edge in the depth, is now vital for you.

From every scrap you can build something. Be it as a defensive measure for your base or even as an improvement of your body. You will need both, because in the world of ScrapYard, "everyone against everyone" is said to be!

Defend the little you've got against real enemies!

In ScrapYard you have only one goal. Create as many energy cores as possible and defend them against enemy attackers. The more energy cores you have, the higher you are in the individual leagues that represent the big scrap mountain. What is at the top of this scrap mountain? You have to find out.

Unleash your supply of energy cores by going on conquest with other players. Care for defense with the help of defense systems, traps and puzzles, and develop yourself into an unstoppable combat machine.


The core mechanics in ScrapYard are the construction and optimization of your base, and character development. Players have to constantly improve their cybernetic characters, replace body parts and equip them with energy cores, for example, to increase attributes such as fire power and speed. Develop, upgrade and extend your base to guarantee that no enemy will be able to steal your precious energy cores.

Scrap Yard currently offers the following features:

  • Intuitive map editor
  • Sophisticated defenses
  • Modular character system
  • Versatile cybernetic body parts
  • Various rankings and leagues
  • Various rewards


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Development log


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The development of a game is a complicated and lengthy matter. Many people with a lot of know-how and even more ideas try to create something together. That there are differences of opinion is sure. Also that you change direction on the way to the goal (which even more often than you might believe) is quite normal.

After a few weeks and months, the idea, which has been developed together so long ago, begins to become a playable prototype. And like every little bird, this game must also leave the nest and be released into the world. This world can sometimes be hard. In our case, we have taken your advice, wishes and criticism in the last months. Step by step, we’ve tried to change everything to ScrapYard so that it will be the game that pleases you and us alike.

After many sleepless nights, meetings and test games, we have discovered more and more possibilities and ideas. Much more than we ever thought. These ideas, which we have developed with you, have given the game a whole new direction. We have actually gone so far from the basic idea that we have decided to press the reset button and start again from the beginning. We are convinced that when we are pushing all the great ideas of you into a new direction, a great game comes out in the end.

You can continue to download and play ScrapYard in its current form on our website, but there will be no more updates in the coming months. We hope you understand this and are looking forward to working with us on ScrapYard 2.0…..a bigger one….a better one.


Thank you for your support!